What we do

We are an all-in-one Virtual Reality creation house that can provide everything from Unity 3D Development, Programming, 3D-Art and Animation to music production and voice over work: Everything that a VR simulation needs and much more.

Price efficient

We offer the best cost to value ratio in the market.

Easy to use

Our simulations are designed to be intuitive and logical. Just the headset, controllers and you. No need for difficult and time consuming setups.

Multiplayer Platform

Real time student to teacher and student to student interaction.


Our simulations can be uniquely customized for your own needs and wishes.

Easy to scale up

Our simulations are designed for flexibility and scalability.

Plenty of content

We offer a wide variety of Educational content available at your fingertips.

User Development

Virtual Dawn's VR content is thoughtfully developed with the precious input from teachers, students and users.


Our VR simulations are engaging, immersive and satisfying while offering an entertaining and educational VR experience.
Virtual Dawn
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Email: company@virtual-dawn.com

Antti Martikainen, CEO - Phone/WhatsApp: +358 40 307 5232